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Experiments in Play
Experiments in Play

About Experiments In Play

Experiments in Play is a brand new showcase of inventive and experimental playful experiences that sit at the intersection of games, interactive design, and creative technology.

Featuring work developed by students from the Independent Games & Playable Experience Design MA at Goldsmiths, this unique showcase pushes the bounds of what games can offer as a medium and experiments with the vast capabilities of play. The show explores the possibilities of embodied and immersive storytelling and alternative narrative structures, considers how games are evolving to critically impact on issues of gender, mental health, sexuality and intimacy, and reimagines a world of gaming that champions inclusion and accessibility.

The breadth of work on show includes physical performances and workshops, interactive literature, VR & AR experiences, alternative controllers, and playable works of art, as well as more traditional video game and board game experiences.

Opening Night Gala Speakers

As part of the Experiments in Play showcase we are holding an Opening Night Gala, which will feature a series of talks and a panel discussion on narrative in games from 7:00-8:30pm. We are delighted to announce the following guests:

Federico Fasce

Born in Genova in 1975 Federico has worked in and out the game industry since 1996. He sees himself as a game designer, though lately is questioning what games even mean, and he all in all doesn’t really care as long as people keep making cool things. He has also been an event organiser, a teacher and a mentor. He’s a strong advocate of personal games and he firmly believes that getting more people making games is the way to save the industry and push the form of expression forward.

Florence Smith Nicholls

Florence is a Planning Archaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology. They conduct independent research in the nascent field of archaeogaming, which is the study of the intersection of video games and archaeology. They have published research on the concept of video games as digital dark tourism experiences, and have written for Eurogamer and Haywire.

Pavle Mihajlovic

Pavle Mihajlovic is the co-founder and Technical Director of Flavourworks. He moved to the UK from his native Portugal to start his game development career at 18 at Peter Molyneux's 22cans. He went on to start Flavourworks, where they released Erica, an innovative marriage of games and film published by Sony. Pavle is an active member of the game development community, and has done talks and panels about starting a game studio.

Sofia Romualdo

Sofia Romualdo is a game designer and project manager for Fire Hazard Games, where she creates games for museums, city streets and beyond. Recent examples include The Extraordinary Voyage at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich and The Spitfire Academy Adventure at the RAF Museum. She has recently completed her PhD on location-based game design for museums at the University of Exeter.

Event Code of Conduct

We want the Experiments in Play event to be open and accessible to everyone, and we oppose all discrimination and harrassment in our community. We have drawn up a Code of Conduct, which can be read here. Attendence of the event implies that the participants agree to, and will abide by, these rules.

The Headliners

This Does Not Exist

The Wild City

The Ghost Of

Pruney Fingers

Noisy Silence


Morris Dance

Light Touches Skin

How We Saved The World

How The City Feels

A Hero's Guide to Gardening

From Me To Me

Dominate The Life

Critter Cards

Chapter 1

Strange in a Stranger Land

Also On Show

You Will Know Me



Welcome to Geogenics

The Subject

The Morland Family

The God of ______

The Ballad of Sir Prisepartie

Smile, You're On Camera

Screaming For London

Push to Play


Political Discourse Circa 2019




On The Way Home

Nobody Cares What You Have To Say


It Could Have Been Different


I Am Wood

Human Vacation Bureau

Get Closer

Friday Dog

Flower Garden


Butterfly Effect

British Sign Language

Book of Cruelty

Be Me

Nhong Nheo


Ben Tandy

Ben is an interactive developer who started his career building a variety of interactive experiences for museums, galleries and expos. He now sells sausage and mash as a means of funding his main passion of making loud one-off arcade experiences with the goal of hitting that point in gameplay between absolute delirious elation and utter rage and despair.

Rowan MasJon

A lifelong student with a passion for learning random stuff, Rowan fell in love with games design and development by chance! With a focus on empathy, Rowan plans to design unique games emphasising diversity and inclusivity in hopes of creating a happier future for all.

Tammu Do

Tammu is a dreamer, designer, and game developer. As a young immigrant and refugee from Vietnam, dreams and stories gave them hope and gratitude in settling in new places. As an adult, their dream strategies coupled with their multidisciplinary design practice propel their passion for revitalising game opportunities and experiences for the heart.

Rachel Clancy

Games have a fantastic power of disarmament, and can have a deep emotional impact when all we signed up for was fun entertainment. Clancy’s work brings together creative technologies, worldbuilding, storytelling, and often humour to create experiences for learning and reflection. She is particularly interested in gaming for mental health education.

Jo Jonland

Jo is currently working on achieving her childhood dream of saving the world, whilst also trying to make more space for play in her life. Her work is found where these two overlap, using mediums such as role play, board games, LARP , digital games and facilitated workshops to explore ways we can transform together.

Yeonhee Choi

As a disabled-queer-Asian woman, Yeonhee creates playful experiences “to see and to let ourselves be seen”.

Claire Kwong

Claire works with technology to create performances and interactive games. She aims to create visceral experiences, stage unusual encounters, and destabilise your sense of body. She also hopes to make you dance.

George Larkwright

George is a writer & game designer from London. He makes games that use play to satirise the society we live in, that tell stories in new and dynamic ways, and that strive to subvert the status quo, sparking discussion and debate.

Sohyun An

Sohyun is a game developer, designer and writer from South Korea. As a natural-born storyteller, she loves to discover stories from every single thing and hopes to share them with everyone in the world, via the medium of games.

Nicholas Young

Player-choice grants us a voice, a voice to fight for our beliefs, to help us understand others and to ignore both the former and just run against a wall. From an intense background of drama school training Nick channels aggressive vulnerability and darkly abstract illustration to subvert himself and the world around him.

Dijiao 'Plantain' Wang

Plantain is a budding Games Designer and Developer who hope to create games that inspire positivity in people using stories and emotions as mechanics. Plantain currently focuses on encouraging loving each other and the world.

Richard Rattner

Richard is a game developer specializing in design, writing, and programming. A fan of a variety of genres, he’s working on making games that have it all. He is especially interested in the relationship between gameplay and narrative, and how those elements can work together.

Simon Lu

Simon is a games enthusiast who makes zero-based learning games. In the past year, he has devoted himself to researching how to use games to narrate good stories.

Williams Fincannon

Illustrator + Designer + Creative Coder from NC, USA.

Hannah Corrie

Hannah is driven by a fascination of people, independent thought and social interactions. Her decision to swap disciplines from psychology to indie games is often met with surprise although she sees no real difference. Both are underpinned by exploration and experimentation and ultimately, whichever the discipline, her goal is to make you feel.

Jamie Sichel

Jamie is short in stature with a fairly severe astigmatism, but what she lacks in height and sight she makes up for with an immense output of cute critter designs and a passion for video games. Jamie is interested in creating the types of games she loves to play--and that involves collecting, growing, building, customizing, and all things adorable. When she isn't making games you can find her playing them, drawing, or napping.

Ben Henshaw

Artist and programmer; Australian-born, London-raised, currently living in Switzerland. Exploring how we think and feel in virtual space. Binary is for computers.